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Contact Verification Server

Appliance Delivers Blazing Speed to Verify and Enrich Contact Data

The Contact Verification Server is a turnkey data quality appliance that incorporates Melissa Data’s Web services components for contact data verification and enrichment – including address, phone, and email verification, name parsing, and geocoding. The server, built by Dell™, delivers enterprise-level speed to verify more than 7 million records per hour. It can be clustered together for increased scalability, throughput and redundancy.

• Rapid deployment – you’re up and running in minutes
• Fast – over 7 million records/hr
• Distributed architecture for real-time failover
• Hosted, on-premises server ideal for privacy & compliance needs
• Flexible protocols: SOAP, REST or XML
• Award-winning support and mission-critical replacement


Quick Start     

Address Verification
  • Validate and correct U.S. and Canadian addresses
  • Append suite/apt numbers using proprietary AddressPlus technology
  • Determine delivery type as business or residential
  • Validate and correct non-USPS addresses

Phone Verification
  • Verify U.S. and Canadian phones to 7-10 digits
  • Determine Telco Switch location
  • Detect landline, cellular, or VOIP
  • Detect residential, business or SOHO

Email Validation
  • Validate and correct email domains
  • Detect mobile domains (restricted from email by FCC)
  • Detect bad mailbox names (spam, noreply…)
  • Correct common misspellings and syntax errors

Name Parsing
  • Parse and genderize names and multiple names
  • Detect vulgarities and suspicious words in name fields
  • Detect and standardize companies in the name fields

Geocoding (Spatial Processing)*
  • Assign latitude and longitude to the rooftop
  • Append census tract/block numbers, county names and FIPS
  • Link to Census CBSA information

IP Location*
  • Provides geographic information based on physical location of IP address
  • Identifies city, region, and country
  • Provides latitude/longitude coordinates

Street Search
  • Generates street suggestions for undeterminable addresses
  • Matches a street name or partial street name against a city name or ZIP Code
  • Returns known valid address ranges that match input street name

ZIP Search
  • Searches a ZIP Code from street address ranges matching a specific pattern, and, optionally a street number
  • FindZipInCity returns the same info for every ZIP Code that matches input city/state combo
  • FindCityInState determines if input full or partial city name matches a valid city name in the state
  • Returns geographic data about one or more city names that match the input ZIP Code
* Additional subscription required
Dedicated and Secure
The server is ideal for companies that need to meet HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other privacy and compliance guidelines by enriching, scrubbing and validating customer data completely in-house, safely and securely.

Streaming Updates
The server incorporates smart scripts to automatically fetch and install the latest contact datasets (weekly, monthly or quarterly) for head-ache free maintenance.

Available in Three Versions
Depending on your processing requirements, the Verification Server in three versions to meet your contact data quality demands:

1. Physical Appliance
A hardware rack-mounted appliance Windows Server® resides on your network for the fastest speed possible. Data never leaves your premises for maximum security.

2. VMware Server Instance
VMWare image of the Contact Verification Server to host on your ESX Server. Spin up new instances as needed for truly dynamic load management and failover. Data never leaves your premises for maximum security.

3. Cloud Based Server
The Contact Verification Server hosted in the cloud. No expensive hardware or software expenditure requirements. Spin up new instances as needed for truly dynamic load management and failover.

Real-time Failover
The server leverages Melissa Data’s Web services infrastructure so you’ll be up and running in minutes and you’ll have real-time failover. In the unlikely event that your server shuts down, our web server farm functions as the failover for peace-of-mind.

Award Winning Support
Melissa Data provides free, unlimited technical support, as well as a flexible support contract for mission-critical replacement.

Code examples are provided for most languages to assist with customizing applications, websites, batch programs, or RBDMS stored procedures to verify contact data.


Contact Verification Server - contact data verification and enrichment, including address, phone, and email verification, name parsing, geocoding and change-of-address processing.

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