Address Verification/CASS Processing

Lower Postage Costs, Increase Mailing Accuracy for Better Marketing Campaigns

Data hygiene is critical in the mailing process to ensure the highest degree of deliverability. Validate, correct, and standardize your address data with USPS® CASS processing from Melissa Data. Our CASS ZIP+4® processing service will help increase the quality of your address data which improves the deliverability of your mailing by matching addresses in your list to the monthly updated USPS National Address file, standardizing address information and adding the correct ZIP + 4® and postal codes.


  • Increase response rates
  • Reduce undeliverable mail
  • Earn postal discounts
  • Save time & money with batch processing


  • Append missing apartment & suite information
  • Get ZIP + 4, carrier routes
  • DPV® (validates to 11-digit delivery point)
  • LACSLink® (updates addresses that have been revised)
  • CASS Summary Report (PS Form 3553)
  • SuiteLink® (appends known apt. numbers to residential addresses)

Records Processed

Price per 1000 processed

Up to 100,000








1 Million


Minimum order per file is $40.00.

Required Fields:

Address; City; State; 5-digit ZIP Code.

Returned Field:

CRRT; DPBC; Address Error; ZIP + 4.

Error/Information Codes

Address Verification/CASS Processing Data Sheet

Additional CASS Related Services

  • EWS (Early Warning System for new addresses about to be entered into the file)
  • Vacant Tables (identifies properties that have been vacant for 90+ days)
  • eLOT® (sorts mailings in approximate carrier-casing sequence)
  • AddressPlus (appends known apt numbers to residential addresses)
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