Demographic and Firmographic Append Services

Target-Marketing Efforts Get Better With Demographic, Lifestyle Data & Business Data

Demographic and Firmoghraphic Appends Service make it easier for you to know your customer and business better. Melissa Data can enhance your database with demographics and lifestyle types that will help you increase the effectiveness and success of your target-marketing efforts. Our Demographic Append Services offer Consumer and Business bundles.


  • Increase lead quality by appending valuable data
  • Better target strategy for your best prospects
  • Greater response with personalized message
  • Create custom bundles


  • Business Enhancements: Add popular business enhancements to increase your response rates.
  • Consumer Enhancement Bundle: Add 10 popular consumer enhancements to your list.
  • NAICS Coding: Add the 6-digit North American Industry Classification System codes to your business records.
  • SIC Coding: Add the 6-digit Standard Industrial Classification codes to your business records.
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Demographic Append Services Demographic Append Services