Geographic Append Service

Empower Location Intelligence with Rooftop Geocoding

Append precise rooftop latitude and longitude information to the U.S. and international street addresses that you have gathered in your mailing list, website, or other business contact-dependent process. Use these geo-coordinates with a mapping program to determine the distance between any two sites, pinpoint customer locations, or find the closest dealer to a customer. Use the tract and block numbers to link addresses to demographic information and valuable Census marketing data.


  • Geocode U.S. addresses to the rooftop level to accurately pinpoint customer locations
  • Coverage spans 40+ countries and territories
  • Visualize customer relationships to facilitate market analysis and improve business intelligence

U.S. Geocoding

Melissa Data’s service provides the GeoPoints for 95% of all U.S. delivery addresses (business and residential). GeoPoints are the rooftop (delivery point) latitude and longitude coordinates for an address – the highest level of geocoding granularity available for precise location intelligence.

Records Processed

Rooftop Price per 1000 processed

Plus4 Price per 1000 processed

Up to 250,000









1 Million



2 Million



3 Million+

Call 1-800-635-4772

Call 1-800-635-4772

Minimum order per file is $150.00 for Rooftop($60.00 for Plus4 Geocoding). There are no electronic transfer fees and no additional charges. Standard turnaround is 24 hours or less.

International Geocoding

Our service also geocodes addresses for over 40 countries, assigning a latitude and longitude coordinate. Geocoding addresses provides users with the location information needed to make better decisions about market segmentation, sales clustering, logistics, risk exposure and tax jurisdictions. You can view the supported countries and the level of geocoding available (from locality to rooftop level) here.

Records Processed

Price per 1000 processed

Up to 100,000








1 Million


Minimum order per file is $300.00 .There are no electronic transfer fees and no additional charges. Standard turnaround is 3 to 5 business days. International Geocoding also includes the International Address Verification service.

Required Fields:

Address; City; State; and 5-digit ZIP Code.

Returned Fields:

ZIP + 4®; Latitude; Longitude; Census block (4-digit); Census tract; county FIPS; and Geo Error.

How it Works:

Typically you will receive your appended file in less than 2 business days, and in many instances, in as little as 2 hours.

  1. We receive your contact data via secure online link (Click on button below)
    Upload File

  2. We then add Lat/Long coordinates to your addresses, and notify you when your file is complete
  3. You purchase and download your appended file
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