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Melissa Data Add-Ons for Dynamics CRM

Verified and accurate global address data leads to more accurate deliveries and less delays in fulfillment, ensuring your customers remain satisfied and loyal. And accurate CRM data also helps you personalize the customer experience and engage in predictive analytics. Melissa Data Add-Ons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM make it easy to capture, clean, and complete your global address data.

Easily Verify Data in the Dynamics CRM Platform

Microsoft CRM

The contact form with the Global Address Verification Add-On installed. The green check indicates a successfully validated address.

Microsoft CRM

Click to view the full range of verification fields, including Premises Type, SubNational Area, Country ISO Number, Dependent Locality, and many more.

Autocomplete using Express Entry

Microsoft CRM - Autocomplete using Express Entry

Type in addresses for autocomplete to appear.

Microsoft CRM - Express Entry fills in the relevant fields.

Express Entry will fill in the relevant fields for you.

Global Express Entry (2016 and Dynamics Online only)

With our autocomplete plugin, Express Entry can help fill in addresses with less than half the amount of keystrokes required. Standardize and validate your data along with autofilling other key pieces of information without needing to type, such as City, State, Postal Code, and Country. Improve the overall speed, accuracy, and user experience of filling in records for your Dynamics CRM environment.

  • Provide real-time verification of addresses
  • Reduce number of keystrokes by selecting autocomplete addresses
  • Specify which City, State, Postal Code, or Country that autocomplete is searching in
  • Standardize addresses for accurate mailing information and reduce shipping costs
  • Reduce the necessity to type in other fields, with autocomplete automatically filling relevant fields

Global Address Verification

Global Address Verification ensures you have the most accurate address information for over 240 countries and territories. It validates and cleanses international addresses to increase shipping and mailing accuracy, lower costs, and improve the overall effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

  • Save money by reducing returned shipments and wasted postage & shipping costs
  • Standardizes addresses to local format of the country
  • Get more mail delivered for improved customer satisfaction
  • Adds missing components such as postal codes, region, etc.
  • Appends precise geocode (lat/long coordinates) for 40+ countries and territories


Personator, top-of-the line data quality cloud service, for ecommerce helps prevent fraud by verifying the true identity of a customer. Personator matches a name to an address, phone number, and/or email address and also adds missing contact elements (address, phone, email) to complete contact records.

  • Keep data assets current with updates against a 2.1 billion consumer record database
  • Gain valuable customer insight & enhanced segmentation with demographics, firmographics, and psychographics
  • Save postage costs and eliminate returned shipments and reshipping fees
  • Update U.S. and Canadian addresses for customers who have moved (dating back 10+ years)

Global Email Verification

Global Email Cloud Service not only ensures the validity of email addresses in your database, it also includes real-time Email Mailbox Verification that removes up to 95% of bad emails to help improve deliverability, increase conversions, avoid bounce-backs, black listing and spam folders, and reduce fraud.

  • Increase web form completion & conversion rates with instant email validation
  • Improve contact reliability by correcting general format and syntax errors
  • Domain existence verification, including FCC mobile domain detection
  • Real-time or batch email address validation
  • Allows developers to customize service

Global Name Verification

Global Name Cloud Service identifies the gender makeup of your database so you can create personalized messages to increase response rates and target marketing campaigns built around gender-specific needs.

  • Recognizes 530,000 last names & 132,000 first names so you can correct misspellings
  • Pareses full names & multiple names into five components (prefix; first; middle/initial; last; suffix
  • Flags inappropriate/vulgar words to screen out possible hoaxes/pranks
  • Add casing for company names and detect company names in the name field
  • Can create custom salutations

Global Phone Verification

Global Phone Cloud Service verifies phone numbers in real-time to help enhance customer service and prevent fraud. It makes it easy to take a phone number and a country then determine whether the number is valid for the region. It also can take a phone number alone and determine what country the number is from by international access code recognition.

  • Verify phone numbers in over 249+ countries and regions
  • Determine county-of-origin from international access codes
  • Append useful geographic information for marketing and analytics


Get detailed information from 25 million business records by simply providing an address (with or without company name), StockTicker, Web address, phone, or Melissa Address Key (MAK) as input. BusinessCoder returns over 25 categories of information such as company names, phone numbers, SIC codes, employee size, total sales estimate, and more.

  • Develop informed strategies and improve analytics with enhanced business information
  • Generate productive leads with updated contact information
  • Boost marketing efforts when you know your customer and prospects better

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