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Next Generation Cloud Service to Correct & Complete Contact Data

Personator goes beyond contact data validation and performs cutting-edge Data Quality Uplift, which cross-references the validity of the data by verifying the customer record is deliverable, and that names correspond to address, email, and telephone data. Personator I.D. verification helps prevent fraud by validating contact information in real-time.

Personator also adds missing data to complete your contact records. For instance:

  • You have an address: Personator appends name, phone, email & geocode
  • You have a phone number: Personator appends name, address email & geocode
  • You have an email address: Personator appends name, address, phone & geocode

Personator can also provide you with the new address of people and companies that have moved.

Personator is built for both Enterprise and E-Commerce Businesses. It is flexible and robust enough to correct and gain insight from silos of customer data, making it appropriate for both large-scale businesses and e-commerce retailers trying to verify contact data at the point-of-entry. In a world of “big data,” Personator goes beyond validation and updates customer records to their most complete form.


E-commerce businesses depend on accurate contact data to be successful. Whether a company is engaged in electronic retailing, data warehousing or business intelligence, achieving a unique, accurate record of the customer is the ultimate goal.

E-commerce operations benefit from Personator’s cutting edge point-of-entry full-contact data validation.

Personator helps online businesses:

  • I.D. verification - Prevent fraud by making sure address data is correct and matches the name before processing a credit card or filing a document
  • Eliminate returned shipments and re-shipping fees - Get addresses right the first time to reduce costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction - Verify contact data to maintain communication with your valued customers


Enterprise businesses require an integrated data quality solution that provides full contact data correction. Personator helps our enterprise clients make clear connections within and across data sets so they can gain a valid and singular view of their customers.

Personator compares incoming customer and prospect records against multi-sourced data sets and confirms whether a name matches an address. It also corrects and updates addresses, telephone and email information.

Personator appends the following:

  • Whether the address is a residence or business
  • If the property has been vacant for more than 90 days
  • If the address is missing a suite or apartment number

Choose a Personator Solution

Personator solutions chart: Check, Verify, Append, & Move

Personator Check (US & Canada)

Assembling a complete, holistic record of your customers begins with Personator Check. You’ll be able to improve customer/prospect communications, easily identify purchasing trends, and mitigate risks when you know that each contact point is deliverable and accurate against USPS® and Telco information.

>Choose Personator Check and:
  • Parse addresses, names, phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Validate addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses
  • Make standard corrections or use Advanced Address Correction (AAC)
  • Geocode addresses to ZIP + 4 or the rooftop level (additional cost for each level of service)
  • Determine whether an address is a residence or business(RBDI)

Personator Verify (US only)

Go to the next level of full-contact record correction with Personator Verify, which includes everything in Solution 1, plus next-generation contact data verification services.

Personator Verify verifies data by comparing it to our proprietary multi-sourced reference data sets to determine accuracy. Authenticate your contact record by verifying that the address, name, phone number, and email elements of a record all correlate to the same individual or organization.

Personator Append (US only)

Personator Append is the most advanced full-contact data quality service in the market place, and it brings together both the Check and Verify components of Solutions 1 & 2.

Personator Append adds powerful data append components that help enhance your data to ensure it is up-to-date and related to the individual customer across all applications. Its append services enhance marketing campaigns and business intelligence initiatives by completing customers records with missing phone numbers or addresses.

Personator Append features comprehensive append services, including:

  • Name & company name append
  • Phone number append
  • Email append

Personator Move (US only)

Over 44 million Americans move every year. Personator Move is an add-on that uses multi-sourced datasets to give you current addresses for individuals and companies that have moved in the last 30 days or more.

Personator Move will:

  • Help you improve data quality with updated customer and prospect records
  • Provide real-time processing with 20+ years of history
  • Offer access to millions of multi-sourced move records
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