Capture, Verify and Enrich Contact Data in the Cloud

Personator is the next generation data quality Cloud service that goes beyond mere validation of contact data elements, instead verifying the contact record as a whole by matching a name to an address, telephone number, and/or email address. Personator is the ideal solution for ecommerce, ID verification, and enterprise applications where customer records need to be clean, correct and complete.

In addition to verifying address, name, email and phone numbers, Personator will return updated U.S. and Canadian addresses for customers that have moved, and add missing address, phone, and email info to empower omni-channel marketing. The service will also add demographic and geographic data for enhanced targeting and segmentation.


  • Protect your valuable data assets from decay by constantly updating them against a 2.1 billion record consumer database
  • Gain valuable customer insight with the addition of detailed demographics, firmographics, and psychographics
  • Acquire vital contact data to extend sales prospecting and omni-channel marketing
  • Reduce fraud by matching names to addresses


  • Convenient Cloud service – no files or software to maintain
  • Validate, correct & enhance U.S. and Canadian addresses
  • Roof-top Latitude & Longitude
  • Returns Census FIPS + Tract + Block, Congressional District and Place code for U.S. addresses
  • Appends Email, Phone, Name or Address
  • Free-Form input accepts any combination of name, address, phone & email
  • Includes Date of Birth and Date of Death
  • Move Update feature returns the current address of people that have move in last 10 years
  • Returns the MAK™ number of every address in the U.S. and Canada
  • Supports multiple protocols including JSON, SOAP, XML, and REST
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.
  • 120-Day ROI Guarantee. Details here.
  • Also Available as a convenient plugin for Salesforce®, Excel®, SQL Server, and Pentaho®

ID Verification for E-commerce

Personator provides point-of-entry data validation, including the ability to match a name to an address to verify ID and help prevent fraud. The service also helps eliminate returned shipments and reshipping fees by validating the address at point of entry.

Complete, Verified Data for Enterprise Applications

Personator provides full contact data quality by comparing name, address, phone, and email information against multisourced datasets. The service will also enrich data by updating addresses and adding latitude/longitude coordinates and comprehensive demographics like date of birth, marital status, resident type, and many others.

Available Personator Solutions

Personator solutions chart: Check, Verify, Append, Move, Update, and Demographics

  1. Personator Check

    Personator Check allows you to pass in a name, address, phone number, and email address as one record (the record does not need to include all of those inputs, any combination of them, or even just one is sufficient) for parsing, validation and correction. This action is available for both U.S. and Canada contacts.

    Personator Check provides the following capabilities:
    • Parse, standardize and validate address, email, name and phone info
    • Geocode addresses with latitude and longitude coordinates to the rooftop (delivery point) level
    • Make Advanced Address Corrections (AAC) using name input to correct and append data to an address including correcting or adding house numbers, city, state and ZIP code/Postal code
    • Access 2015 GeoCensus TIGER Data with 11 Census fields, including Census Key, County & School district Names and Codes, and more. See here for complete info.
  2. Personator Verify

    Personator Verify compares different groups of data in the record to a centric group defined by the user (i.e. matching a name to an address). It verifies the record as a whole, confirming whether each group of data coincides with the centric piece of data in the Melissa Data Knowledge Base. You can define fields like address, phone number, or email as the centric data against which other groups of data are compared.

  3. Personator Append

    Personator Append allows you to enrich U.S & Canada contact records by adding missing information like name, company name, address, email and phone based on the selected point of centricity.

  4. Personator Move

    Personator Move allows you to update U.S & Canada contact records with the most current address for a person or business based on 10+ years of history. This service helps you keep up with the over 44 million Americans that move every year.

  5. Personator Demographics

    Personator Demographics provides valuable information to help you better understand your customers and more effectively target sales and marketing efforts.

    Personator Demographics returns the following:

    • Date of Birth
    • Deceased Information
    • Presence of Children
    • Marital Status
    • Resident Type (renter or owner)
    • Gender
    • Household Income (range)
    • Length-of-Residence
    • Occupation

Are you looking to leverage the power of Personator, but don't want to devote effort and resources into integrating a Web service? Not a problem. Check out one of our convenient plugins that makes it easy to utilize Personator in the platform of your choice:

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