Address & Contact Data Verify

You communicate with customers every day – shipping orders, sending emails, and through inbound and outbound phone calls. This type of customer communication is critical to your business and that’s why it’s so important that your customer contact data – address, name, email, and phone – is accurate and up-to-date.

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» Address Solutions

Global Address Verification

Our powerful address verification solutions enable you to verify, correct, transliterate, and format addresses from all over the world before you send out letters, packages, and direct mail advertising.

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Global Address Auto Complete

Express Entry® utilizes a type-ahead search functionality that makes it easy to enter and complete accurate addresses with up to 50% fewer keystrokes. It works on U.S. and international addresses.

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» Contact Data Verify Solutions

ID Verification

Personator® goes beyond mere contact data validation to perform cutting-edge Data Quality Uplift, including providing name-to-address verification and cross-referencing address, name, phone, and email to ensure all data corresponds to the same individual. Personator will also enrich your contacts by adding missing address, email, and phone information, and much more.

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Email Verification

Our Email Solutions provide real-time email mailbox verification to remove up to 95% of the bad emails in your list and help you avoid blacklists and spam folders. We can also correct general formatting and syntax errors to turn undeliverable addresses into deliverable ones.

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Phone Verification

Our Phone solutions will ensure you have valid and callable U.S. and international telephone numbers for over 200 countries and territories. Our solution validates toll-free numbers, determines the telco switch location, and identifies numbers as cell, landline, VOIP, and residence, business or home office.

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Name Verification

Our Name Solutions help you identify vulgar and fraudulent names, create personalized messages, and genderize to increase response rates.

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Mailing & Shipping

We support mailers of all sizes with tools to improve deliverability, maximize postage savings, and segment residential & business addresses.

Keep Up with Moving Customers

Use our SmartMoverSM real-time* Cloud service for USPS® and Canada Post® National Change of Address processing to update your mailing lists with current addresses of customers that have moved – before you mail save on wasted postage and printing from undeliverable-as-addressed mail.

* Melissa Data receives weekly NCOALink® updates from the USPS.

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Presort Your Mailings and Save

Presort Object® helps you automate your mailroom with postal presorting routines so you can maximize postal discounts and direct mail savings. Presorting options are available for First-Class and Standard Mail® to reduce postage by up to 40%-50%.

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Identify Address Delivery Type

The Residential/Business Delivery Indicator (RBDI) product enables you to mark and segment addresses into residential and business mailing lists for advertising purposes, and to choose the most cost-effective shipping option – USPS® does not charge a residential delivery fee, unlike other parcel carriers..

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Cut Shipping Costs & Slash Cart Abandonment

Use our precise shipping calculator, Decimal, to power your e-commerce for “Amazon” -style shipping capabilities. The simple plugin can reduce shipping costs by 20% by accurately calculating actual costs for all types of shipping rates and carriers based on size and shape of the box.

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