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Phone Verification

Verify U.S. & International Phone Numbers Instantly

Melissa Data Phone Verification solutions enable quick and accurate verification and correction of U.S. and international numbers for over 200 countries and territories. Validate phone numbers on the fly at point of entry, or in batch.

Benefits: Features:
Sample PhoneVerifier Input Sample PhoneVerifier Output
1 (949) 589 – 5200 x827
Area Code: 949
Prefix: 589
Suffix: 5200
Extension: x827
City: Trabuco Canyon
Latitude: 33.635101
Longitude: -117.599602
Results: Verified Business
Line: Landline

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Phone Object® +
Multiplatform programming API to verify and validate telephone numbers specific to the United States and Canada (optional).
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Global Phone Object
Multiplatform API provides phone verification for over 200 countries and territories.
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Personator +
Cloud based solution to verify, validate and add telephone numbers specific to the United States and Canada (optional)
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Listware® for Excel + +
A free add-in that cleans and enriches your customers' address data in Excel. Simply open your spreadsheet, click the Listware tab, select the records to process, and start cleaning your list.
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Batch Processing Service +
Submit your files in any format. We process the data and return the results to you.
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Data Quality Components for SQL Server +
Custom data cleansing transformation components for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). >>Activate free trial | Learn More

Contact Zone +
Data quality hub application to integrate and cleanse customer data without manual coding.
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Global Phone Object
Our International solutions provide phone verification for over 200 countries and territories, and provide the ability to:
  • Determine what country the phone number is from
  • Provide geographic information and the lat/long coordinates
  • Return the predominant language spoken in the phone number region to help prevent the call from being lost intranslation
Maximize Telemarketing Effectiveness
Use Phone Verification to instantly verify and correct telephone numbers in your CRM or contact software, before trying to call – saving valuable time and money.

Append Geographic and Demographic Information
Because phone numbers are area specific, Phone Verification will append additional geographic information such as location latitude/longitude, time zone, city, state, ZIP, and county. Phone Verification will also append valuable demographic information such as cell, landline, VOIP, and residence, business, or home office.

Reduce Fraud and Data Entry Errors
Implement Phone Verification into websites that gather customer data to instantly flag incorrect data so you can reduce losses due to fraud or simple mistyping. Use Phone Verification with other Melissa Data solutions, including Address Verification and Email Verification to insure that all the data you collect is accurate.

Phone Object
  • Multiplatform programming API
  • Library available for: Windows 2003/2008/7/Vista; Red Hat; Solaris; SPARC platform; AIX; Power; rs/6000; PPC; HPUX; PA-RISC; and Itanium.

Phone Verifier
  • Cloud based
  • Supports multiple protocols, including: JSON, SOAP, XML, and REST.

Phone Validation

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