Presort Object

Optimum Flexibility to Build a Custom Presort Program

Design a custom presort program to complement your current mail processing system to maximize postal processing speed and productivity while qualifying mailings for lowest automation and non-automation presort rates. Presort Object sorts any mailing list that has been processed with a current CASS Certified engine for ZIP + 4® codes.

Presort Object is PAVE Gold certified by the USPS® for First-Class, Standard Mail®, nonprofit; letters , cards, flats; automation, non-automation, non-machinable; Standard Carrier Route; and destination discounts for SCF, NDC, and DDU.


  • Maximize postal discounts
  • Full Service IM® barcode compliant – No TEM testing!
  • Work with any current CASS processed list


  • PAVE Gold Certified
  • Palletization options for First-Class and Standard Mail®
  • Mail.dat® technology
  • Updated bimonthly
  • Includes sample source code
  • Generates all reports & e-docs
  • Multiplatform API
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.

Full Service Intelligent Mail® Compliant

Presort Object has been validated by the USPS® for Full Service Intelligent Mail compliancy and Mail.dat® technology. Melissa Data can provide you with the required Mail.dat User License Code at absolutely no cost.

What is Presorting?

Presorting means grouping mail by ZIP Code. All of the pieces going to the same destination get grouped into the same bundle or tray. Presorting saves you money because sorting your mail ahead of time saves the Postal Service time and money and they pass these savings onto you.

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