Presort Object ®

Speed, Efficiency & Customization—Automate Your Mailroom

Design a custom presort program to complement your current mail processing system. Maximize postal processing speed and productivity while qualifying mailings for lowest automation and non-automation presort rates. Presort Object sorts any mailing list that has been processed with a current CASS Certified engine for ZIP + 4® codes.

Presort Object is PAVE Gold certified by the USPS® for First-Class, Standard Mail®, nonprofit letters, cards, flats; automation, non-automation, non-machinable; Standard Carrier Route; and destination discounts for SCF, NDC, and DDU.


  • Qualify mailings for maximum postal discounts
  • Mail is processed and delivered faster


  • PAVE Gold Certified
  • Palletization for First-Class and Standard Mail, an essential tool for high-volume mailings for efficiency in costs and time
  • Mail.dat® technology
  • Updated bimonthly
  • Includes sample source code
  • Generates all reports & e-docs
  • Multiplatform API
  • Free unlimited technical support. Learn more.

Full Service Intelligent Mail® Compliant

Presort Object has been validated by the USPS® for Full Service Intelligent Mail compliancy and Mail.dat® technology. Melissa Data can provide you with the required Mail.dat User License Code at absolutely no cost.

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