Contact Data Quality Consulting

Contact data issues solved—global or domestic—individuals or businesses

We match our solutions to your contact needs—name, address, phone number, email, firmographics and demographics. At Melissa Data we understand the complexities of data—domestic and global—and have worked with a vast cross section of industries worldwide. Our insight into solving business problems and tackling technology challenges head-on comes from over 30 years of data quality experience.

Leverage Melissa Data’s expertise to

  1. Empower your decision-making process by understanding your data
  2. Enhance business intelligence initiatives by keeping your data clean, verified, and enriched
  3. Embark on master data management (MDM) and data governance programs to achieve better data analytics over time
  4. Enlist the right tools to improve marketing initiatives and ROI
  5. Employ the latest solutions to keep your contact data viable and actionable

Our one-to-one consulting sessions focus on your success using Melissa Data tools to gain leads and enhance prospect and vendor information. We will help you design and implement solutions of all sizes and degrees of complexity.

Take advantage of our service and the multitude of international reference data sets we offer: personal; property; consumer; business; demographics; firmographics;and profiling solutions.

Move your business forward with powerful solutions designed for your specific needs.

Contact Data Solutions

  • Assist with high-level design of a Contact Data Quality regimen
  • Engage Change of Address, Address Verification, Cleansing and Validation—Domestic and Global
  • Add missing Names, Addresses, Phones & Emails to contacts—Domestic and Global
  • Append your contact emails with social media information from 20 different social networks
  • Enhance your B2B business contacts with firmographics (employee size, total sales estimates & more)
  • Understand Fuzzy Matching and the application of matching algorithms for entity management
  • Parse names or un-fielded contact data from legacy systems
  • Profile data to help discover weaknesses in your database (duplicates, badly fielded data, etc) for better analytics & business decisions
  • Consolidate duplicate records into a single, accurate view (“Golden Record") of your customer—Domestic and Global
  • Use reference data to enrich applications
  • Code custom applications

Tell Us Your Needs—We Have the Solutions. Get the Most from Your Contact Data.

Talk with us today about your unique technical and business requirements. We’ll work together to drive your success. Call 1-800-Melissa or Click here to schedule a Contact Data Quality Consultation Now.